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All about Sulky Threads and products
An Overview of Sulky Stabilizers
This video explains the difference in all the stabilizers. Which fabrics to use which stabilizer on and when to use stabilizers.
Bobbin work with DiggiBobbE
Bonnie McCaffrey teaches bobbin work using The DiggiBobbe. She uses YLI Candlelight and Ribbonfloss.
Create a freestanding Lace Ornament using Sulky Ultra Solvy
Don't be afraid of Metallics!
Free Motion Thread painting with Sulky Holoshimmer Metallic
How to Create a Faux Knit Scarf using Sulky Blendables
Using Sulky Blendables and Sticky Fabri - Solvy to create a beautiful scarf with out knitting!
How to make a postcard using Sulky Puffy Foam
How to Personalize like a pro!
How to use Sulky Fuse N Stitch
Overview of Sulky Puffy Foam
Paper Piecing with Sulky Paper Solvy and more.
Pumpkin Carving with Stick N Carve
Sulky Petites used in Maderia Applique'
Thread play with Sulky using Heat A Way stabilizer
Using Sulky Soft N Sheer and Soft N Sheer Extra with Free Standing Embroideries
Using Sulky Solvy and Super Solvy Stabilizers.
Using Sulky Transfer Pens
This is a 10 minute video by Joyce Drexler on how to use the Sulky Iron On Transfer pens.