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New polyester thread from Sulky.  It is lighter than the Poly Deco.  Poly lite is a 60 weight poly that sews seamlessly.  It is perfect for hand or machine applique',  heirloom sewing.  It creates very delicate decorative stitches.  It looks and feels like silk but of course it is stronger and less expensive.  

Sulky Poly  lite comes in 36 solids and 24 multi-color spools.  It also comes in small 440  yard spools or the larger 1650  yard spools.

A Machine needle of a 10/70 or 11/75 is the recommended size.  Sulky Invisible or Sulky bobbin thread is the perfect thread for your bobbin.

This thread is colorfast, bleachable, washable and dry cleanable.  

Each variegated color changes colors ever 1".  This thread can be used in booth the needle and the bobbin.  It also makes a great bobbin thread for Metallics, rayons and invisible threads.