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All 933 and 932 spools of Sulky 30 wt Rayon are 40% off. The discount will be applied at checkout!

Sulky 30wt thread is a little heavier than the 40wt thread. It come in 102 solid colors and 54 variegated colors. It is 1/3 heavier than the 40 wt. Sulky 30 wt works great for top-stitching it has a more noticable stitch. It completely fills in your decorative stitches and is very strong. When using 30wt in your embroidery designs it completely fill in your designs. Both Sulky Rayon 30 wt and 40 wt are colorfast. They are washable and can be dry cleaned. It is not recomended for bleach to be used. A Schmetz machine 14/90 embroidery needle is recommended for the 30wt Rayon. If you want a matching thread in the bobbin it is recommended that you use a matching 40wt Rayon color. When doing embroidery Sulky Bobbin Thread is ideal in the bobbin. The Sulky 30wt color pallate is the same as the Sulky 40wt except it comes in less colors.