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Elly Sienkiewicz Embellishment Silk #30 Linda Taylors Long Arm Poly thread - 3000 yards
Quilt Highlights Ultrasheen Embroidery Thread
UU Thread Wash a Way Thread
Wonder Invisible Monofilament/Whisper touch YLI - Polished Poly 5000 yds
YLI's Long Arm Pro polyester Thread Prime Piecing Thread
Bobbin Thread Candlelight - Serger or Bobbin
Colours Thread - Quilting Designer 6 - Serger, Embroidery
Designer 7 - 250 YDS Elite Serging Thread
Fine Metallic Fusions Thread
Hand Quilting Thread Heirloom Thread
Jeans Stitch - 200 YDS - Serger, Quilting Kaleidoscope - 100M - Embroidery, Quilting
Machine Quilting Thread Pearl Crown Rayon - Serger, Bobbin
Select Thread - Applique, Quilting, Hand, Machine Silk Assortments
Silk Sparkle Silk Thread #100
Silk Thread #100 Variegated Silk Thread #50
Silk Thread #30 Soft Touch Thread - Bobbin, Quilting, Applique'
Success Serging Thread Variations - Embroidery, Quilting
Wash - A - Way Paper 12PK Woolly Nylon - Serger Thread
YLI Thread is quickly gaining a reputation of having one of the best machine quilting threads on the market. They are also known for specialized threads. They have a line of serger threads which include the most popular Wooly Nylon, jean-stitch and the decorative edging threads like Candlelight metallic yarn, Designer 7., Pearl Crown Rayon. YLI has some excellent embroidery threads like the fine metallic and the polyester thread called Variations and some decorative embroidery threads like Kaliedoscope. YLI is know for the highest quality silk threads on the market. They come from Japan. The #100 silk is perfect for applique' and machine qulting as well. It now comes in a variegated and with a touch of metallic. YLI's machine quilting thread is always 100% Longstaple egyption cotton. The highest quality thread around. It comes in a large range of solid and variegated colors. Longstaple cotton machine quilting thread means its specifically designed for the machine and has longer fibers that keep it from breaking easily. Yli's bobbin thread called Soft Touch is a 60/2 100% long staple cotton perfect in the bobbin as well as a great quilting or applique thread.