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40 wt Rayon Assortments 40 wt Rayon Filled Storage Boxes 940 - 5500 yds - Special order 2 week delivery no returns
942 - 250 Yd Spools 943 - 850 Yd Spools 944 - 1500 Yd Spools
Sulky 40 wt Rayon Thead comes in 439 variegated and solid colors. Perfect for any embroidery project because it is light weight but very strong..  Sulky Rayon is colorfast and can be dry cleaned.  It should never bleed. We do not recommend using bleach.  A size12/80 Schmetz machine needle is the best one to use. .  If you are using a thicker fabric or stabilizer you may need a 14/90 Schmetz machine needle.  

Sulky Rayon can be used in the bobbin also.   When you want to use the same color thread on top and the bottom it is ideal.  Otherwise use Sulky's Polyester Monofilament or Sulky bobbin thread.

The 40 wt Rayon comes in 250 yard spools, 850 yard spools, 1500 yard maxi spools (certain colors only) and 5500 yard jumbo cones.