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105, 104 Cotton Silk Finish #50 (New Art. 9104,9105) 1146 -Mettler Top Stitch #30 50m spool 1155, 1145, 1161 -Mettler #100 Metrosene + All Purpose Poly
135, 136 - Mettler Cotton Quilting #40 240, 248 - Mettler #60 Cotton Machine Embroidery 259 - Mettler #30 Cotton Machine Embroidery
As you might know Mettler is changing the color numbers for their threads. We are depleting our stock of the old numbers.

We are offering approximatley 40% off retail when you order Mettler by the old color number to help us make the transition.

You might still receive a spool with the new color number on it also if our stock has been depleted in the old color number still at the discounted price. Your discount will show in the shopping cart at checkout.

( new spools will have both old and new number )

Mettler thread is German made - high-quality thread. Mettler thread comes in many styles and sizes perfect for embroidery and quilting. The color pallet is great and most colors can be found in the different threads. There is the silk finish cotton that glides like silk. The cotton quilting thread, Metroscene and Polysheen.