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733 - 30 wt Cotton Solids & Blendables 500 yd spools
Sulky Cotton thread comes in a 12wt - which is heavier for a more pronounced stitch.  It also comes in a 30wt which is a lighter thread.  This thread comes in 66 solid colors and 126 Blendable colors.

Both weights come on a variety of spool sizes.  

12 wt thread comes on 330 yard spools and 2100 yard jumbo cones Article 713 and 710
30 wt thread comes on 500 yard spools and 3200 yard jumbo cones Article 733 and 730

The 12 wt thread also comes in a new 50 yard spool called Petites.  Same great thread on a spool size for hand work.

Sulky cotton thread can be used for a variety of applications.  It is perfect for Hand or Machine Quilting, Embroidery, Thread Painting, Bobbin work and thread lace.

12 wt is the ideal thread for red work.  Specifically color number 1147 Red and 1169 Bayberry Red.

Blendables change colors randomly and subtly every 2 1/2 to 5 inches.  

This cotton thread is a high quality 100% Long Staple Egyptian cotton.

Long Staple means the fibers are long strands of cotton twisted together to make a strong, durable cotton.  Cheaper cottons are not long staple and break easier because the fibers are weaker.