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Bobbin Thread Cotton Solids and Blendables 12wt and 30 wt
Glowy - Glow in the Dark Thread Holoshimmer Thread - 250 YDS
Invisible Thread Metallic
Petites Thread (12 wt cotton) Poly Deco
Poly Lite 60 Wt Rayon 40 Wt
Sulky Real Thread Chart Sulky Thread Sets
Rayon 30 Wt Sliver Thread - 250 YDS
Sulky thread is some of the best quality embroidery and quilting threads around. The Sulky Blendables and cotton threads can be used as an embroidery thread or quilting thread. Sulky Rayon thread in 40 wt is the one of the most popular embroidery threads on the market. It has the so many colors to use on any project. Sulky also has a few metallic threads like its Metallic line, the Sliver Line and the Holoshimer Line which as holographic metallic threads. They add that extra sparkle to your project. Sulky has a light weight polyester thread called Poly Lite thread that is a 60 wt Polyester designed for machine embroidery. They also have an invisible monofilament thread and cotton bobbin thread. The invisible will not break down under heat. Loyal Customers are the number one reason Sulky Thread is the best embroidery and quilting threads around. Consistently reliable, less breakage than other threads on the market.